Many thanks go to the SEBA members who volunteered their time to help bring about the 1998 SEBA Reunion. Special thanks go to past president, Mike Fleming for organizing and overseeing the event for the second year. Without his patience, perserverance, and hard work, the hours of musical fellowship and enjoyment of the Reunion would not have been possible.

Thanks also go to Lonetta Essary, current President of the SouthEastern Bluegrass Association. Her guidance and support for the event contributed greatly to it's success.

The SEBA web committe is to be thanked for making the web site for the Reunion possible. During the past year, a new and exciting site has been established with the purpose of furthering the goals of the SouthEastern Bluegrass Association in an electronic age.

L to R: Mike Warga, Tom Barnwell, Selwyn Blakely (chair of web committee), Bill Brown.

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