Onie and J.N. Baxter

July 21, 2000. J.N. and Onie Baxter are true pioneers of Bluegrass Music. They have for many years been entertaining audiences over a wide area and more importantly providing friendship and mentoring to countless musicians and fans of the genre. This collection is a small sample of the wealth of information and fellowship shared on a special visit with North Georgiaís First Family of Bluegrass Music. - Bill Brown

J.N. Baxter - Guitar and lead vocals, Onie Baxter - guitar and harmony vocals, Jane Baxter - bass and harmony vocals.

 1. By and By
 2. Sweethearts in Heaven
 3. Old Wildwood Flower
 4. I am Just a Used to Be to You
 5. The Old Rugged Cross
 6. Katy Daly
 7. Going to Georgia
 8. Close By Your Side/White Dove
 9. Rank Stranger
10. Lonesome River
11. Grave at the Foot of the Hill
12. Sally, Donít You Grieve
13. Where the River Bends
14. Let the Wheelings Go
15. Narrative - J.N. and Onie
16. When the Wagon Was New

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