Marietta Bluegrass Festival

The Marietta Bluegrass Festival...the Cobb County, GA festival...the Dillard Rogers Festival...Georgia's Best. By any name, this legendary Georgia festival evokes memories of sunny days, cool nights, and great musical friendships that are renewed twice yearly.

Billy and Faye Johnson now promote the festival and on Friday, May 15th and Saturday, May 16th of 1998, the Jim Miller Park, or the Cobb County fairgrounds once again came alive with the sounds of fiddles, banjos, guitars, mandolins, and, yes, even a "resophonic" guitar or two. The stage shows were well attended, jam sessions were abundant, sound was by Gene Daniell (none better!), and the weather was all one could ask for...
I know you will enjoy your visit!
Stage Shows
Jam Sessions
Care has been taken to get permission to post pictures that you see here. If that courtesy was not extended to you and you wish to have any picture of yourself, or your band removed from this site, let me know through e-mail and your wishes will be honored promptly.
Closing shots...
My thanks and appreciation go to everyone for all the cooperation at the festival.
Bill Brown, Ed.D
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