ARMUCHEE Bluegrass Festival
May 22 & 23, 1998

Mack Farley, Sr. - 770-941-6453....and....Chuck Langley - 706-232-7432

A hot day in the beautiful, rolling, green hills of North Georgia...Saturday May 23, 1998. But not too hot for bluegrass music and the magic of Armuchee. Stage shows serve as a centerpiece for this large 'family reunion' and provide a central location for everyone to congregate for that special performance. This year there were many!
Stage Shows
For nearly twenty years many good friends have been coming together on Memorial Day weekend to renew musical aquaintances and see who will show up to take part in the legendary jam sessions. As these pages will attest, this year was certainly no disappointment.
Jam Sessions
The shaded camping area gave relief from the sun and this is one festival where there was no sudden downpour, or heavy rainfall. (One camper was heard to say something about 'El Nino!.') For those not familiar with Armuchee, it is almost expected that there will be heavy rain sometime during the festival.
Special Events
Armuchee is one of the few festivals that can truly claim to have icons as special representations to many folks over a long period of time. These may include special people, campsites, or even an inflatable Gumby! AND, there were several extraordinary reunions at the festival. (These will be documented in a more organized form as the construction of the site is completed...)
This year many of the "Armuchee Moments," or anecdotes are being collected to preserve as a part of the rich history of this special fesitval.
(Help to make this year's site even more memorable - send me your favorite Armuchee story, or 'recollection' and it will be made available through the web site. Thanks!
The Farleys and Langleyswere again magnificent hosts. Mike Castleberry did a great job with the sound and by late afternoon campsites were beginning to gear up for great spreads of food and even more music! Armuchee had once again cast its spell.
*** Addendum - Nina Rowan was good enough to share pictures of the 1998 Labor Day Weekend Armuchee Festival and they are available for your viewing. Click HERE For Nina's Album.
In Closing...
.My thanks and appreciation go to everyone for all the cooperation at the festival.
Bill Brown, Ed.D

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