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"This site is respectfully dedicated to a group of special people from the North Georgia, Southeastern Tennessee, Western Alabama area who have provided countless hours of musical enjoyment. The purpose of the North Georgia Bluegrass Chronicles - North Georgia Bluegrass Pioneers - Fifty Years of Bluegrass 1950-2000 is to document the quality of the musical experience...but even more importantly the quality of the people who provide the opportunity for all of us to enjoy this special phenomenon we call "bluegrass music." In its truest sense, this research is to be a historical perspective of a people and their music."

The Atlanta Country Music Hall of Honor/Fame contains several North Georgia Bluegrass Pioneers. Thanks to Johnny Carson and Phyllis Cole for their interest in the music and more importantly, their support and making sure that proper recognition is given to those deserving individuals who have contributed so much to the music and lives of all of us.

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Atlanta Country Music Hall of Honor/Fame 1999
Atlanta Country Music Hall of Honor/Fame 2001
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